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Research location:

KFC in Sungai Dua, Penang.

Sungai Dua No 559 Jln Sg Dua,

Taman Sri Saujana, Sg Dua,

11700 Penang.



- To understand the relationship between the different ethnics in reality

- To analyse suitability of the spaces about SPACE for different races

- To understand the interaction among the different races in Malaysia





              - Kentucky Fried Chicken is also known as KFC.

- One of the popular fast food restaurants in Malaysia.

- Our research location is located strategically at the central of the town.

- It is a corner site double-storey restaurant It is also located at the roadside opposite the Universiti Sains Malaysia.

- Nearby the restaurant, we can see many shops which provide different services to the public.

- For example computer shops, bookstores, minimarkets, stalls, clinics and etc.

- There are also car parks and public phones in front of the restaurant.



Umum:Untuk memahami realiti hubungan antara kaum.

Projek:Kajian tentang RUANG untuk pelbagai kaum.



-3 orang ( 1 melayu )

-dibimbing oleh seorang pensyarah.

-kumpulan memilih suatu ruang awam.

-analisis kesesuaian penggunaan ruang.

-cadangan pembaik-pulihan.


Background:    - The first KFC Restaurant was opened at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in year 1973.

- As if 1998, there are 250 KFC Restaurants and still counting.

- Today, great tasting chicken has become synonymous with KFC; and has been enjoyed by Malaysians ever since.

- In fact, KFC Malaysia has developed a distinctive Malaysian personality of its own.

Analysis Criteria:

-          Facilities

             (1) There are toilets in restaurant provided for customers.

                        - It is very convenient to customers.

                        - It allows customers to wash hands after having meals or when in toilets

(2)   It is an air-conditioned area.

                        - Customers feel comfortable in this room.


(3)   The space is available for customers.

                        - Table  and  chairs  are  provided  for  customers  to  sit  down to  enjoy        their meals.

(4)   It is considered as a protected building.

                         - Customers can enjoy their meals at a place that is prevented from    sunlight and raining.

(5)   Self-service system

       - Customers need to make order and take it to the table by themselves.

                                     - Staffs there will clean up the table after the customers are away.