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n      The customers can enjoy their meals in a safe area where it is protected from sunlight, raining .

n      the location of KFC is quite far from the road and this can reduce the risk of the accident (vehicles) happen.

n      There is two extinguisher available  in the restaurant which are used as temporarily tools if  any fire accident occurs .

n      There are many waiters in the restaurant.The customers may ask from help from them if any bad thing happen in the restaurant.






n      Surrounding the research location, there is a public phone available for public used.

n      There are some stalls selling foods and drinks.

n      Car park in front of research location.

n      A public health centre for public users.

n      Mini markets available .

n      USM is located nearby the research location.

*  Due to many shops offering different kinds of services nearby the KFC, people may come to do other things instead of having meals in this restaurant.

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