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Problems and improvements:


Problem 1:

- Only two counters provided

         - Due to the limited counters, the customers have to wait for their turn to order.                             


- It would be better if more counters are added to balance the number of customers, at least two more counters added.

- This is more or less can reduce the times for customers waiting for their turn to make their order and again, there would be more space for people to walk in and out of that area.


Problem 2:

- There is no any area for kids to have fun .So the kids might go play around the area of the restaurant.

- This is not just disturbing other people to have their meals but also it is unsafe for the kids as there are many tables and kids may get injured.



- It would be better if a small area is prepared with some fun games for the kids. This can attract the kids to come here and have meals and play, both at the same time. The parents can take care of their kids while enjoy the meals.


Problem 3:

Stairs inside of the KFC

- The stairs is quite narrow.

- This is quite unsafe especially for the elder and the kids as they might accidentally fall off.



- If possible, enlarge the length of each stair so that it can allow more people to go up to 2nd floor in one time.


Stair outside the KFC

- There is no any stair holder to allow people to hold it when using the stairs.

- This is quite unsafe especially for the older and the kids as they might accidentally fall off.

- It is inconvenient also for certain people such as the older and maybe for the handicapped people as there is no place created for them to go up.



- The authorities should add the stair holders to solve this problem.

- It might be better if the authorities or the restaurant owner can provide a suitable way for the older or handicapped person to go up to restaurant by the help of certain tools.

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