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The reason why the customers choose to go to KFC to have their meal:

(1)               - Attracted by the food

 - The food provided in that restaurant is various in types                                   

 -      For example burgers, chickens, sandwiches,salads, drinks and etc.

(2)               - Always many promotions for the food through the multimedia

         - This can attract different age level and also different races of people.

(3)               - The restaurant is situated at an attractive location and near to USM.

          - Not difficult to find the place and attract more people especially university students who have no transport

(4)               - A good place for us to gather

 - A suitable for the family gathering or friends gathering.

 - We reserve the place earlier and we get the place to organize functions.

(5)             - A suitable place for us to do group discussions while we are having our meal          - The environment of the restaurant is considered comfortable as the infrastructure is well-equip.

(6)               - The food served in the restaurant is HALAL.

 - The food is suitable for different races of customers

 - This attracts more customers especially those who are Malays.

 - The food is guaranteed as HALAL under the Ministry of Islamic Development Division of the Prime Minister.

(7)     - Customers need not to take longer time to have their meal

         - The service is the restaurant is good and the food is served in a short time

Suitability for Muslims and non-Muslims:

- All the food served in this restaurant is guaranteed as HALAL and suitable for    Muslims customers.

- All the food served in this restaurant is approved as HALAL restaurant from its foods selling by Ministry of Islamic Development Division of the Prime Minister.

- This is to ensure that all the food served is 100% HALAL and suitable for all the people no matter what races they are.

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